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Angel Play – Tech House Producer

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TWOCRAZZY was inspired by my travels to visit Detroit for the techno festival & experience the real culture of our history – Techno City, a comeback city where the sounds of techno were born & raised by legends that are still throwing dirty bass lines. Wait until you the beat lines drops when the sounds of Tupac appear in this tech house mix. This first release was inspired by my experiences in Detroit from avenue cruise on the boulevard to hours behind the screen mastering music.

Record Label: Techno Fan 🔝🎧
Graphic Design: DI Designs Studio
Support: Di techno
Distribution: TriplePoint Group

meet Angel Play…

Techno Producer from Barcelona, Living in Medellin

Meet Angel Play 

Techno producer from Barcelona, Spain – Angel Play is a combat who is connecting influencers in techno from around the world. His record label, Techno Music Fan has recently started to trend on social media with collaborations with DI TECHNO, an independent label from Detroit. This isn’t just the beginning, Angel Play has ten years working in the dance music industry in the most emblematic places and discos of his native city.

He was influenced by the history of Detroit Techno aka Techno City with a first visit to America for Movement, an underground technofest in May 2018. Since then, Angel has produced podcasts after his influence of collaborations from record labels & producers from around the globe. The different sounds have embraced his inspirations from those countries.

Angel Play produces music in tech house, techno, dark techno, minimal & underground– after the form of his label, Techno Fan Music, his collaborations are heard to be deep, dark and heavy with the bass lines. The underground scene has influenced his past from future sounds in techno music.

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